How can we help you?

We’ve been working with Toolset and supporting Toolset users with their projects for over five years. There are several points where we think we can add to your success.

Starting out

Is Toolset the right tool for my project?

Toolset has a lot to offer especially for front-end developers with little or no PHP skills.

We have extensive experience building sites with and without Toolset and depending on what you are planning to do, Toolset may be the ideal fit for your project, and it may not.

We can help you make this call. We have extensive experience with very large sites, with 100s of 1000s of posts. All plugins are likely to add some overhead to your project, just by virtue of the fact that they are trying to be all things to all people. You may be better going for a custom solution; using Toolset as a prototyping tool, or just using certain elements from the Toolset toolkit.

What do I do next?

There are many ways you can structure your project and Toolset is not going to limit you. It’s easy to make a mistake early in development that takes you down a path you really didn’t want to follow. There are efficient “wordPress ways” of implementing your project, and less efficient approaches. We can work with you to build a data structure and define a roadmap for your project that will sustain through development to launch.

How does it work?

Want a quick overview of Toolset? Should you be using a Toolset and a Page Builder? In a 60 or 90 minute screen shared session, we can guide you through the basics and mentor you through the Toolset fundamentals.

I have a problem

Stuck, not sure how to proceed?

Give us a call and we will sort you out. Describe your problem to us, give us access to (ideally) a staging or development site - we’ll investigate and either fix your problem directly, or guide you through a fix in a screen share session.

Extending your toolset functionality

Need a [shortcode] to deliver some functionality in your Views or Content templates? Whether it’s a simple shortcode to format some output, or something more sophisticated - display post ratings or a view counter we can deliver it for you with well structured and documented code.

We can implement any extensions as part of your theme, or wrap and release it as a self-contained plugin you can add to your site.

Custom development

Plugin development

From prototype to production

Need a progressive web app for your new project? Want to create a sophisticated front-end for your WordPress data? A nosql backend for your data? A customer facing api?

We work with Js, jQuery, Vue.js, react, Firebase, MongoDb, Jekyll. We can take your ideas and prototypes and convert them into a costed roadmap and delivered product.